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2020-2021 Season FAQ's: HERE



-=-=- November 26, 2020 - 05:54 AM -=-=-
Good Morning Wildcats!
The Region of Waterloo Public Health Unit in conjunction with the City of Kitchener have reinterpreted the Red level restrictions we are limited by.   The original email communicated to KRA members on Monday November 23rd at approx. 6:00 am was based on the old interpretations.  The new changes take effect on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020. For example, one of the changes from Public Health indicates that while participants can have a guardian attend, they count against the limit of 10 people allowed in each rink. This restriction means that guardians would not be allowed into the arena to tie skates, or assist with equipment, including handing over a piece of missing equipment, regardless of age or level, if we are to have 8 skaters on the ice with two coaches.
KRA has worked diligently upon hearing the rumours of the possibility of entering into the RED level restrictions under the Safe and Open Ontario Framework up until now to examine our programs and determine how we will move forward. We have polled our membership and coaches and have heard your input. One thing we have heard is that a number of families have been planning to participate up until early December, after which point they plan to take time off to isolate leading into the Christmas season.
Given the timing that our Region is going into a Red/Control status as we approach the Christmas season, we realize that the logistics and coordination required to keep our players on the ice while adhering to the guidelines set before us would result in only 2 or 3 more ice times per players before our Christmas break.
As such, effective immediately, all KRA on-ice activity will be put on hold until December 23rd, 2020. As of December 24th we will be subject to a hiatus of all sanctioned activity under the direction of Ringette Ontario.  The RO hiatus suspends activity until January 10th, 2021.  

During this pause we will continue to monitor local COVID reported numbers and will be making plans for a possible return to the ice as of January 11th, 2021.  We are hopeful by that time we will have returned to Orange level restrictions (or less).

It is our hope to return for a full season after the break, but this decision will not be reached until we are accurately aware of all restrictions or guidelines that are in place at the time.

Our board members have worked closely with city officials, public health and Ringette Ontario to ensure the safety of not only our Wildcats but our community as a whole.

While we know our decision will not resonate with everybody, we hope that you understand this was a difficult decision, and it was made with much thought and many discussions.  

During this break we encourage you to keep in touch with your fellow Wildcats through social media platforms or other not-in-person ways.  Support your teammates during this difficult time, and check in on each other.  Ensure physical distancing, and wear a mask when you leave home.  Follow all the advice of our public health officials so that you are healthy to return to us in the new year.  And remember, while safety is the reason why we need to step back for a moment, this is not the end of our season.  Wildcats don’t give up on the ice, and we will continue our fighting spirit during this pandemic.  We will all be back on the ice soon.

Stewart Saunderson
Director of Communications
Kitchener Ringette Association

Region of Waterloo:

Government of Ontario:
-=-=- November 20, 2020 - 12:05 PM -=-=-
Hello Wildcats,
By now you're likely aware that there's a very good chance that the Waterloo Region will be going to a Red/Control COVID status in the coming days.  With this comes some restrictions that will impact what we can (and cannot) do on the ice as an association.  The two biggest changes that will impact KRA are a limit of 10 people on the ice at a time and the inability to play games or scrimmages.  This means that all we could do on the ice would be to host socially distanced skills and drills practices with severely reduced numbers.
Further details on the province's Red/Control level can be found at  
Obviously we will have a decision ahead of us as an association should we go into a Red/Control status.  As part of that decision making process we would like to solicit input from our members.  Please take a minute to answer two quick questions available through the link below.  Please be sure to fill this out to have your say before 9pm Saturday, November 21st.  After this time your input may not be part of the discussion. 
Financial Update: Important to share is that, as we approach this decision, we have recently passed the point where initial season fees have been depleted and we have started dipping into our reserves.  Between our up-front season expenses (i.e. Ringette Ontario fees, insurance, coach training fees, etc), extra ice time to start off the season (twice per week), and severely reduced fundraising income (Bingo, etc), initial fees were depleted fairly quickly.  The concept was for two balanced payments with the second half compensating for expenses from the first half of the season.
As such there will be no fees refunded  from the first half season.  Rather than coming out with second half fees as we were planning to do soon, ice time during a Red/Control phase may be done under a pay-as-you-go approach to cover ice fees during this period.  This is reflected in our survey.
Membership survey is available at
Thank you for your time.  We look forward to your input!
Neil Murray
President - Kitchener Ringette Association

-=-=- October 29, 2020 - 12:00 PM -=-=-

Safe recreation guidelines in Waterloo Region: Check before you Rec!

As we continue to meet the challenges of the pandemic, we recognize how important city and township recreational facilities are to participants and families. Facility staff are focused on providing a safe and healthy environment, and depend on everyone to follow the safety protocols in place. The cities and townships of Waterloo Region have worked together to standardize the protocols for recreation facilities and community centres as much as possible to ensure consistency and help everyone understand the rules.

Standardized rules around pre-screening, physical distancing, use of face coverings and no re-entry after screening have all been developed in consultation with Region of Waterloo Public Health. Additional procedures specific to each facility may differ slightly (due to differences in facility size, number of entry points, staffing levels, building type, etc.) but were also developed with public health guidance, and are equally important to minimize the risks in these specific settings.

To do your part, all recreation participants and organizations are asked to Check before you Rec. Check yourself with the mandatory pre-screening, as set by your sports organization or municipal programming. If you are feeling unwell, stay home. Check to make sure you know the rules of the facility you are going to. And check that you understand the recommendations provided by Public Health in their general guidance on recreational group sport activities.

The standardized rules for recreation facilities and community centres across Waterloo Region include:

  • Mandatory pre-screening before arriving at facilities. This information is important for contact tracing purposes.
  • Physical distancing of 6 feet/2 metres from others applies at all times, including outdoors while waiting for entry or when exiting, and indoors while wearing a mask. Follow sport distancing rules during play.
  • Face coverings are required at all times with the exception of sports participants during play (e.g. on ice, on a court). Face coverings are required on all walking tracks.
  • Enter the facility “dressed to participate” in your program. Please check with your specific organization for details. The current state of virus transmission places dressing room areas as potential high risk, and continued patience with this is appreciated.
  • Once participants have been screened and admitted, re-entry is not permitted.
  • Only one guardian per minor aged participant is permitted, for capacity requirements. If a guardian arrives with an additional sibling, the sibling is allowed to enter with the guardian; once the participant is ready for their activity, the guardian and sibling are required to leave.

Facility-specific rules are available for each city and township on their website, and each municipality can provide clarity on their own limitations and rules. Procedures have been sent to all affiliated sports organizations and rental groups.

We know that these rules and procedures create an additional challenge during an already tough time, and appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding across Waterloo Region. We are all in this together, and the guidelines will continue to be assessed as our local situation evolves.

Participants in group sport activities are also reminded of how important it is to follow public health guidance outside of sport. Activities among participants and families before, during and after play can all have an impact on potential spread. By working together to follow the rules, we can all do our part to protect each other and minimize risk while participating in the activities we love.

-=-=- September 21, 2020 - 9:37 PM -=-=-

Hello Wildcats!

** Before I begin, I’d like you to pencil in Thursday evening in your calendar… KRA will be hosting a webinar for all Wildcats (or their parents) that should hopefully shed some light on the upcoming season. Details of the Zoom meeting will follow in a later email. **

That day we have been waiting for since the start of March Break is finally here! We are getting back on the ice!

Next weekend the ice times (all at SportsWorld - Practice Rink) are as follows:

Saturday, Sept. 26
10 am - U12 Cohort One
11:15 am - U12 Cohort Two
12:30 pm - U12 Cohort Three
1:45 pm - U14 Cohort One
3:00 pm - U14 Cohort Two
4:15 pm - U14 Cohort Three

Sunday, Sept. 27
10 am - U19 Cohort One
11:15 am - U19 Cohort Two
12:30 pm - U16 Cohort One
1:45 pm - U16 Cohort Two
3:00 pm - U10 Cohort One
4:15 pm - U10 Cohort Two

You should have already received an email with the information for your child(ren)’s ice time. In the RAMP Team App, you should also see (Under My Teams) the cohort your child has been assigned to. The ice times should also be listed in the “My Schedules”. IF YOUR PLAYER IS NOT SHOWING ASSIGNED TO A TEAM IN THE APP (incl U8 FUN2), PLEASE CONTACT ME AT ASAP TO RECTIFY THE ISSUE!

Here are the rules regarding ice times:

1) Using the RAMP Team App, you MUST verify your attendance at least 48 hours before your scheduled ice time. Failure to do so will make you ineligible to take part. There is no flexibility on this rule. This applies to players & bench staff!
2) Using the RAMP Team App, you MUST answer the Ringette Ontario prescribed COVID questionnaire. Although the app will allow you to access the questionnaire 24 hours prior to the event, it must be done within 8 hours of the event. This applies to players & bench staff!
3) The player is to arrive at the arena in full equipment (minus skates & helmet). Five (5) minutes prior to your ice time, city staff will allow the player to enter the building, along with one parent/guardian if they require help with their skates. A COVID volunteer responsible for your cohort will record your arrival time. If you have not followed the instructions in (1) or (2) above, you will not be permitted to enter the facility.
4) Players should bring their own labeled water bottle. THERE IS NO SHARING OF EQUIPMENT AND/OR WATER BOTTLES.
5) All attendees will wear a mask upon arrival, and keep the mask on until departure. The only exception is that once a player is putting on their helmet, they have the option of removing the mask. Once they remove their helmet, the mask is to be worn again.
6) Chairs will be placed socially distanced in the lobby of the arena. The player is to go directly to a chair to put on skates and helmet and must remain there until instructed to go to the ice. 
7) Once the start time of ice begins, players can make their way onto the ice. One parent/guardian per player can enter the viewing area where they are to remain masked and socially distanced.
8) Players will follow the instruction of on ice coaches. Players will ensure to keep a minimum 2m social distance from other players even while on the ice. 
9) At the end of the event, players must return to their chair to remove helmet and skates (and replace mask if they choose not to wear on ice). They will then follow the city’s prescribed exits and leave the facility. THERE IS TO BE NO SOCIALIZING AND/OR MINGLING BETWEEN DIFFERENT COHORTS ON THE PREMISE.
10) Despite the other 9 rules… Have fun! We all love this sport, and even in these trying times, lets make the most of the ice time we have!

-=-=- September 7, 2020 - 1:31 PM -=-=-


Hey Wildcats!
If you are receiving this email, you are currently registered for the 2020-2021 Kitchener Ringette season!  Please read the entirety of this email, as it contains very important information about changes to this season.
If your registration is for U6 (FUN1) or U8 (FUN2), you can sit back and relax and enjoy the longest summer ever.  Your season's are currently on hold.  We are hopeful that we can make something happen ASAP.
Everyone else (U10-U19).  We will be starting the season with dryland training.  The first dryland will be held at Budd Park, 1111 Homer Watson Blvd., Kitchener ON.  
U19 - 9:30 am - 10:20 am
U16 - 10:45 am - 11:35 am
U14 - 1:00 pm - 1:50 pm
U12 - 2:15pm - 3:05 pm
Some of you have already seen these times in the RAMP Team App.  If you do not have the app, you can find it in Google Play or Apple iStore.  YOU MUST USE THE APP TO ATTEND EVENTS!  In the app, under "My Schedules" you should see the Dryland event.  You can tap on the event for further details.  To the right is a grey question mark... when you tap on that you will be asked (1) NO (I am not attending), (2) MAYBE (I might be attending) or (3) YES (I am attending).  If you select NO, your status will be updated.  If you select MAYBE or YES, you will be asked three(3) COVID related questions, and then sign your name attesting the information to be true.  PLAYERS CANNOT ATTEND IF ANY ANSWER IS NEGATIVE!  IF YOUR PLAYER DOES NOT MEET THE COVID GUIDELINES, PLEASE SELECT NO!
Ringette Ontario has put strict guidelines into place for our ability to enter Stage 2.  If we do not follow these guidelines, we will be moved to Stage 1 (No sanctioned events).  Three of these rules are as follows:
(1) All participants MUST confirm attendance at least 48 hours before a sanctioned event.  This means that prior to your scheduled dryland start time on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2020 if your players attendance in the app is not YES, they will not be permitted to participate, even if they update to YES after the cutoff time.  All future events (dryland, ice time, etc) will follow this rule until further notice.  Unfortunately, this is not negotiable.  [Typing in "Attending" into the notes IS NOT SUFFICIENT!  You must select YES and then answer the COVID questions.  A note stating attendance without a YES will be treated the same as a non response]
(2) Within 8 hours of a sanctioned event, all participants must pass a COVID Attestation waiver.  These are the 3 questions asked in the app.  We are hopeful that the App will be updated to allow this to be done electronically closer to the event, in the mean time, players will likely have to verbalize this at the start of the event.
(3) Contact tracing forms must be completed showing player name, email, phone and arrival and departure times.  Each age level has a volunteer that will be completing these forms.  The information on these forms will be gathered from your registration data.  The volunteer will be responsible for recording arrival and departure times of participants.  ONLY THOSE PARTICIPANTS WHO MEET THE ABOVE TWO RULES WILL BE LISTED ON THIS FORM!
During the sanctioned events, social distancing will be enforced.  This includes siblings, neighbours, friends in your bubble, etc.  Even if you arrived together in a vehicle w/o masks, you will still be required to stay separated during the sanctioned event.
Where social distancing is not possible (ie. Check-in), masks are required under Public Health Guidelines unless you are medically unable to do so.  Masks will not be required during the phyical aspect of dryland.
This event will be a good practice for the season ahead.  All events (including the ice times planned for 26th/27th of September and onward) will require the same process.  I know there will be cases where someone misses a deadline and will be disappointed that they can't participate.  I sympathize.  Unfortunately, we are being closely monitored, and if we make an exception and are found out, the season will end for all participants.  That is not something we are willing to risk.  Please be extra vigilant in following this rule.
Many of you have already used the App in prior years, and currently a fair number have successfully completed their attendance already.  If you are having issues with the App, please contact me at ASAP and we can troubleshoot the issue.  If we are unable to resolve the issue, I can set your availabily and verify COVID questions prior to the deadline.  I WILL NOT do so after the deadline.  If you are having issues, please reach out to me immediately.  An email Thursday morning will likely not allow for me to troubleshoot in time for this weekend's events.
Stewart Saunderson
Director of Communications
Kitchener Ringette Association

-=-=- September 7, 2020 - 12:27 PM -=-=-

Hello Wildcats!
In just under a week we will be having our first ringette event!  While this will be different than those in the past, it is a step forward to our return to the ice [Which is currently less than 3 weeks away! :) ] 
First off, we have been busy fielding questions from the membership about how things will happen.  If you are unsure, or have question, please send them to  We will be posting FAQ's on our site later today, and will update as question come in.  
Secondly, all players who have registered (or re-registered) for the upcoming season should have access to the RAMP Team App.  If you have not yet downloaded it from Google Play or Apple iStore, you should do so immediately!  These players will be receiving a follow-up email within the hour.  [Sorry for the multiple emails].  The RAMP Team App will be used to track attendance as per the requirements of Ringette Ontario.  You must, using the app, state your attendance 48 hours before every event!  
If you do not receive the follow up email, there is a chance you are not registered.  Please check your registration dashboard [From main website, select REGISTRATION, sign in then select MY REGISTRATIONS].  If you do not see a 2020-2021 season associated with your child, they are not registered!  Registration requires a $250.00 fee, the registration intent from the start of summer DOES NOT APPLY!
Here are some FAQ's that need immediate attention:
What if I forget to confirm attendance in the app 48 hours ahead of the event?
The player will not be allowed to participate.  These rules are part of our ability to move into Stage 2 of Return to Ringette.
How do I get the Play For Free Discount?
Play For Free has been suspended for the 2020-2021 season.  It should return in the 2021-2022 depending on the pandemic and/or financial availability.
Why do I not see ice time / dryland for U7 and U8?
U6 (Fun1) and U8 (Fun2) are on hold for this season. [They have not been cancelled and may return later in the season].  Due to social distancing rules (along with low registrations) we are unable to start these seasons in September.
Why do I not see ice time / dryland for U9?
U9 as a level was eliminated by Ringette Ontario.  Those players are now part of U10.

-=-=- September 3, 2020 - 9:19 AM -=-=-

Good evening Wildcat families!

We recently sent an update that included the fact that we will be starting the season with dryland activities in the coming weeks (Sept 12th for U12 and up, Sept 19th for U10 and up). While there will be more specific information coming out closer to those weekends related to specific session schedules and check in process, there are some details that we would like to communicate now as we prepare for the sessions.

First and foremost, to be able to participate your players need to be registered for the season! Registration is available here. It’s important that you don’t leave your registration to last minute as the new guidelines that we must adhere to dictate that participants must RSVP for any activity that they plan to attend a MINIMUM of 48 hours ahead of time. So if your player wants to attend the dryland events on September 12th, they have to be registered in time to be able to RSVP by the morning of September 10th.

As well as an opportunity for your players to get out and be active, the dryland events provides us all with an opportunity to get used to the processes that we will have to follow at the arenas once we hit the ice. This will be a learning experience for everyone including our volunteers at the session, our players, and their parents alike. This season will look very different than “normal” so we all need to be patient as we work through the procedures. Some important notes to be aware of:

- As mentioned above, all players must RSVP for each event a minimum of 48 hours ahead of time. Anyone who shows up who did not RSVP will be turned away. This will be done through the RAMP app.

- There will be a health attestation that must be filled out within 8 hours of any event (likely also through RAMP)

- Social distancing will be a must. Regardless what bubbles your players may be a part of outside of KRA events, the rules on us are that everyone must stay 2 meters apart while indoors or when not wearing a mask outdoors. We have heard from a local rep girls’ softball league where two teams were disbanded and coaches were fined because social distancing was not being enforced. We can’t risk that with our groups. All players will have to maintain a 2 meter distance at all times.

- Players and their parents are required to wear a mask up to and including sign in. Players may remove their masks after that when they go to a designated socially distanced spot. Parents are asked to keep theirs on when within 2 meters of others.

- Once we get on the ice there will be a limit of 1 parent/guardian per family within the arena as a spectator. While there’s no such limit imposed on us at the outdoor events, it could be a good time to get into the habit of this.

The other thing I wanted to provide an update on is the younger playing levels based on feedback we’ve received since our last update.

Why don’t I see a registration option for U9? The U9 division is no more. This is something that was being planned by Ringette Ontario prior to the onset of COVID. Players turning 8 this year (born in 2012) thus fall into the U10 division.

What’s happening with U8 (FUN2)? There are no immediate plans for U8 at this point in time based on low pre-registration numbers and a concern about handling novice skaters when coaches have to remain 2 meters from the players on the ice. This is still being evaluated and a program may be forthcoming.

What about U6 (FUN1)? There are no immediate plans for U6 for the same reasons as for U8. This division will likely not see the ice until the new year at the earliest.

I missplaced / didn't receive an email update? Since communication is so important during this pandemic, all COVID related emails (text only) have been placed on our COVID-19 Information page. Feel free to scroll down to any KRA Information you may have missed. Page is found HERE.

I believe that covers everything for now. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Hope to see everyone out at the kickoff dryland sessions!

KRA Covid Response Committee

-=-=- August 31, 2020 - 7:40 PM -=-=-

Good evening Wildcat families!

With the reintroduction of registration last week to include an initial $250 fee there have been some questions about where this money is going and what your players can expect over the coming months. As we can’t predict what the entire season is going to look like we came up with an amount to cover our initial costs to get the season going. These include, but are not limited to...

- Initial Ringette Ontario registration, which covers player insurance
- Field rentals and exercise equipment for upcoming dryland sessions for ages U12 to U19 on the weekend of September 12th and U10 to U19 on the weekend of September 19th.
- Initial ice costs for U10+ groups starting the weekend of September 26th and into December
- Cleaning supplies to comply with various regulations that we must comply with

While we’re still waiting for confirmation from the City of Kitchener on how much ice time we will be granted, we’re aiming for 2 ice times per week for our U10 and older groups. The initial focus will be on skills and drills as long as we’re under City and Regional restrictions around contact sports and number of people allowed on the ice at a time.

The initial amount of $250 was determined to get the season started. With much uncertainty about what’s ahead in the coming months we can’t commit yet to what full season costs will look like. That will be evaluated as we approach the new year and as we get a feel for how the rest of the season will look at that point.

Rest assured that, despite the fact that our ice fees are increasing again this year and that we will be facing reduced on-ice numbers for a while (City and Public Health have capped it at 20 per ice time), we have made a commitment that total ice fees over the season will be no more than 10% above last year’s fees.

If you have any further questions, please send me a note at

Thanks for your patience as we navigate these unprecedented times,

Neil Murray
President - Kitchener Ringette Association

-=-=- August 26, 2020 - 7:18 PM -=-=-

Hello Wildcats!

As stated in my last COVID update, a waiver is now a mandatory part of registration.

Thank you to all the families that registered for the upcoming season over the last few months. Unfortunatly, we will all need to complete the registration process again with note of the following:

1) All participants will be required to electronically sign the provided waivers, including the newly added COVID-19 waiver.
2) Submit payment of $250.00. A subsequent payment will be due in January for the remainder of the year's fees. $50 Fundraising fee (1 per family) will be collected during the January payment.
3) Unless you have submitted the $250.00 payment, your registation is not active. Only those who submit a registration package after Monday August 24th will be considered actively registered.
4) No participant can take part in any KRA event unless actively registered! There are no exceptions.
5) If there is a financial hardship, payment plans can be arranged by contacting

If you have not done so, please download the RAMPTeam App [Apple App Store or Google Play]. Once we active the app for this upcoming season, it will be a requirement to verify your attendance and answer health screening questions 48 hrs. prior to any KRA event.

Thank you in advance for your patience during this difficult time. Our board members and KRA Covid Team's are working at moving our association to game play (either modified or standard) as soon as it is safe to do so. We are working with Ringette Ontario, PSO and the Region of Waterloo Health Unit to ensure we can get back to the sport we love, while keeping all of our Wildcats healthy!

Registration can be found on the main page of the website, or by clicking HERE.

For questions on registration, please contact For website issues, please contact

Stewart Saunderson
Director of Communications
Kitchener Ringette Association

-=-=- August 21, 2020 - 7:05 PM -=-=-

Hey Wildcats!

First off, some good news in the world of COVID. Kitchener Ringette is one of the seven associations that have made it through the application process to proceed to Stage 2 of the Return to Ringette guidelines. Many thanks to the COVID Sub-committee (Made up of some KRA Board members, Chrissy Gervais, Bonnie Saunderson and Covid Safety Leader Mark Eys) for their work in making this happen! This group meets weekly to ensure a safe return to ringette, and I want to thank them for their fine work!

So what does Stage 2 mean?

This means KRA can now hold sanctioned events, as long as local public health regulations are followed. This means that team party’s and/or get together’s can be held… as long as they are done safely! We will also be permitted to have dryland and on ice participation.

We will start this process on September 12, 2020 for our first ringette event of the year in the form of outdoor dryland training. More information will follow on this.

We are in the process of booking ice times for the upcoming season…. But things will be different this year.

We will not be forming teams for some time. There will be Groups/Bubbles/Cohorts assigned. When we get there, there will be on ice practices. In time we will have scrimmages, but game play is not in the cards right now. Even practices will be different… social distancing will be required, so we are all going to be adjusting a bit. We have plans in place for how to proceed, but we need to wait until local public health & city facilities feel it is safe to increase participant numbers. When it is safe to do so, KRA will apply to Ringette Ontario to move to Stage 3 (Return to modified gameplay)

Another change is the requirement to sign a COVID waiver before you can take part in ringette events. The waiver is done online through the registration process. In order to ensure all participants have a valid waiver, we will be deleting all current registrations in the upcoming week. New registrations will be open soon, and will require a payment of $250.00 to start the season, with the remainder due in January. This will allow us to ensure all are covered under Ringette Ontario’s insurance, and cover our ice costs to start. As the season progresses, we will hopefully have a better understanding of our limitations (and anticipated costs) and will have a final amount due in January. While we do not know what that cost will be, it will not be more than previous years registration rates. Details on when the revamped registration is open will follow in an email next week.

Looking forward to seeing you (from a distance of 2m) at the rink!

Stewart Saunderson
KRA Director of Communications

-=-=- August 13, 2020 - 8:06 PM -=-=-

Hello KRA community,

This is a brief update regarding our Return to Ringette activities. First, we can confirm that our application for approval to Return to Ringette has been submitted to Ringette Ontario as of this morning (August 13th). We anticipate a response in approximately one week with either an approval or suggestions for improvements to our protocols. As usual, we will continue to update you on this issue.

Second, the KRA is building a set of resources (links, pdfs) that you can refer to regarding the COVID issue and our approach. They can be found under our ‘Bylaws, policies, and docs’ tab on the website. Alternatively, you can use this link:
Of note, the second edition of Ringette Ontario guidelines has been published. If we are approved for ringette activities, we will be entering “RO STAGE 2 - Return to Modified Training” as a starting point.

Third, now that the application is submitted, KRA Board members are making plans to be ready to engage in limited activities should we obtain approval. More information will be communicated regarding activities, registration/fee structure, training groups, etc. in the coming weeks.

Stay safe and healthy. If you have any questions or concerns at this point, please direct them to the KRA COVID Safety Leader (Mark Eys;

-=-=- August 7, 2020 - 5:59 AM -=-=-

Hello KRA parents and players,

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. This week’s update on KRA activities is brief (?) but contains a few pieces of information that will hopefully answer some questions for members.

First, our COVID response team has been busy with preparing formal documents for submission to Ringette Ontario for approval to start limited activities. This has also included meetings with City of Kitchener representatives, Ringette Ontario, and our weekly COVID-specific board meeting. In short, we are making very good strides to submit our application to resume activities in a safe manner in the coming week.

Second, we obtained clarity about the presence of parents at the rinks once we are able to get back on the ice. Those players who are under the age of 18 will be able to bring one guardian in the arena with them if necessary. Of course, if your child is comfortable (or becomes comfortable) with entering, playing, and exiting the arena on their own, lower numbers indoors is always preferable in the current environment. This is good news though, particularly for those with children who are very young.

Third, there will be very clear directions about the process for entering, playing, and exiting, and how these activities fall in line with cleaning and disinfecting practices by the City of Kitchener. Once we are closer to entering the arenas, this process will be communicated with you. However, based on our conversations with the City of Kitchener, the routine appears to be well thought out and as safe as possible.

More updates to come. Any questions or concerns can be directed to Mark Eys (Covid Safety Leader;

KRA Covid Response Committee

-=-=- July 31, 2020 - 5:51 AM -=-=-

Hello KRA parents and players,

We are sure everyone is excited and curious about the state of ringette for the fall of 2020 in light of the COVID situation. As you can imagine, combining City, Provincial, Association, and Ringette Ontario guidelines and requirements is a complicated process. However, we are moving forward as efficiently and safely as possible, and this email is intended to provide a brief update on recent events and steps toward ringette activities for the KRA.

The last week has seen a flurry of activity from Ringette Ontario (RO) and its associations. Starting on July 22nd, RO held an online Town Hall that many of you attended. There wasn’t a lot of concrete information shared here due to their upcoming AGM and board shuffle. On July 25th, RO conducted their annual general meeting, followed immediately by the first meeting of RO’s new Board of Directors. This is where RO made the decision to lift restrictions on sanctioned activities. RO then held a presidents only meeting on July 28th to share the steps that each association is required to complete before sanctioned activities will be permitted. On July 29th the KRA board, with our new COVID Safety Leader, met to digest this information and make a plan to fulfil the requirements needed before we get the green light to proceed. In short, things are moving fast and associations can now apply to engage in Stage 2 ringette activities (see RO Return to Play outline regarding these stages if interested:; RO is working on an updated version to be posted in the next week).

Currently, no sanctioned activities for teams are permitted. However, the KRA is actively putting together the required documents and application to engage in Stage 2 (modified training activities, skills and drills as the focus, no gameplay), which requires communication with Ringette Ontario, the City, and other stakeholders. You will be updated weekly, at the very least, regarding the state of this application and any permitted activities. We stress that the permission process is very individualized by sport and by association, so we ask for your patience and support as we move carefully through this application. The safety and health of our association members is the absolute primary concern.

What can you do at this point?

First, if interested, feel free to review the Return to Play guidelines at Ringette Ontario with the understanding that our situation will be dictated by local guidelines.

Second, for those of you with younger children interested in playing, understand that the early protocols for arenas (once permitted), will likely involve no access to dressing rooms and no spectators (i.e., you will be dropping your child off). As such, players will enter fully dressed for the ice and will need to be comfortable with skate guards (both with using them, and taking them on and off), as well as using masks when entering and exiting the buildings. Perhaps some practice with these skate guards would be a small activity to do in the meantime! On-ice equipment requirements remain the same as in previous years (but this is subject to change).

Finally, consider volunteering. We will be in contact again regarding the need for representatives from each age group who are able to attend training sessions and take attendance, monitor the players to ensure they are not exhibiting any obvious COVID symptoms, and report any concerns to our COVID Safety Team. This is not an onerous job, but vital to ensure that we are in compliance with RO and City of Kitchener requirements at all times. To be absolutely clear, if we do not have volunteers for a given age group, no training activities will be permitted for that group.

We are excited to be moving forward toward ringette this season! Stay safe and healthy. If you have any questions or concerns at this point, please direct them to the KRA COVID Safety Leader (Mark Eys;

-=-=- July 26, 2020 - 1:58 PM -=-=-

Hey Wildcats!

Some of you may have already seen yesterday's announcement from Ringette Ontario. [A copy of the announcement is posted below].

KRA President will be attending a virtual meeting with RO this week for additional details, and the KRA Board of Directors will be having a meeting shortly afterwards to discuss our plan going forward.

We will keep you informed on the details as we start our return to ice.

Return to Ringette
Sanctioned Activities Date - Update

Effective today, Ringette Ontario has removed the date restriction on sanctioned Ringette activities in Ontario. Associations wishing to conduct ringette activities may do so upon receiving confirmation by Ringette Ontario that they are able to demonstrate their capability to comply with Ringette Ontario's Return to Ringette Guidelines.

Associations will have to maintain compliance in order to keep their insurance active. Ringette Ontario will maintain an active list of Associations and their status on their website.

The Ringette Ontario Board, Executive Director and Technical Director invite Association Presidents to a RTR Meeting on Tuesday, July 28th at 7:00pm via Zoom. All Presidents are invited to attend or send one delegate on behalf of their Association, in order to learn more about next steps for getting back on the ice. We will be sharing the Return to Ringette process requirements at that time and will answer any questions you may have specifically with regards to next steps. Please contact Pam Julian at to register for this event. Please note only the Association President and/or CSL may attend.

Associations are strongly encouraged to submit their COVID Safety Leader (CSL) contact to Karla Xavier at as this will be the first requirement in the process. The RO Team will be working closely with your Association CSL to make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

We understand that this has been a challenging time for our community, and we thank our members for their support and patience. We truly appreciate the respect and kindness which has been shown to the staff throughout this unprecedented situation. We will continue to move forward in the spirit of our Ringette Values of Community and Collaboration with the goal of getting back on the ice as safely as possible.

Best Wishes,

The Ringette Ontario Team


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